Sample Scroll Text
Award of Courtesy


There are those among the populace who are ever shining examples of grace and courtesy. These gentles bring the ideals of chivalry to life, and We would recognize and honor [Recipient] by awarding them the Baronial Award of Courtesy.


Courtesy, gallantry and gentle conduct are the brilliant gems of the lands. (name of recipient) has so distinguished him/herself by his courtliness as to be a shining example to all, and thus do We (name of Baron & Baroness), bestow upon him/her the Baronial Award of Courtesy, that all may know of his/her virtues.


We, _____ and _____, Baron and Baroness of the Barony of the Sacred Stone, unto all nobles and gentles to whom letters may come, send Greetings.
Know ye that whereas it is becoming that we should exalt with singular honors those who show themselves constant in the display of courtesy, cultured bearing and personal excellence, hence it is that we award ______ the Baronial Award of Courtesy. Thus the merits of these inward virtues shall be
outwardly confirmed, so that these examples may inspire all to diligence and higher aspirations.


Hear, read, know and understand that, _______ shines forth like the flame of the Phoenix, blazing brightly for all to see, treating all with kindness a courtesy. It is therefore our duty as Baron and Baroness of the Barony of the Sacred Stone to reward such worthy nature by awarding [him/her] the Baronial Award of Courtesy, and we command [him/her] to continue to shine as a guide and example for all to see.

Scribal Backlog

Many recipients of awards in Sacred Stone have not been able to receive a wonderful piece of art of their own just yet. If you would be interested in contributing to the Baronial backlog, please click here.

Lady E’s Line Art

Baroness Eleanor (better known as Lady E) is a long time enabler of the scribal arts. She continues to graciously share her line art with us. To view some of her shared work, please click a link below.

Lord Geffrei’s Period Pigments

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