Baron Simone and Baroness Murienne

Baron Simone and Baroness Murienne of Sacred Stone

Baronial Whims

Their Excellencies would like to see period feasts prepared as often as possible.
Reasonable attempts at hiding or covering modern items as much as possible is greatly appreciated.
Their Excellencies also ask that the populace keep their voices down at court so that the recognition of gentles is able to be heard by all.

Baron Simone ( SEE-maw-nay)

Persona: Mid 16th Century Venetian
SCA Interests: Loves history in general and Ancient Rome and Feudal Japan in particular. Likes learning about period coinage. Enjoys fencing and studying period fencing manuals and likes playing Hnefatafl.
(Please note: His Excellency Is not an adventurous eater but asks that feast stewards do not concern themselves with his food likes and dislikes when preparing their menus.)
Food Likes: Meats, cheeses (savory toasted cheese is always good), salad is okay, deviled eggs, roasted carrots, pasta, potatoes (not period I know), peas, sugar free desserts and snacks preferred, but will indulge in small amounts of the regular surgery kinds (especially butterscotch). breads (not a super fan or wheat or rye). strawberries, bananas, grapes, peaches and watermelon.
Food Dislikes: Not a huge fan of dark chocolate. Whole Tomatoes, Onions, olives are his biggest dislikes. Melons other than watermelon.
Drink: Diet Pepsi, Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke (is okay), Sekanjabin (regular and mint), water. His Excellency does not drink alcohol.

Baroness Murienne ( MYUU-ree-EN)

Persona: 15th Century, hailing from Alsace on the border of France and Germany.
SCA Interests: Period food of all kinds, the whole system from ground to the table including preservation. History from the view of those not going off to war, the everyday lives. Illumination, bookbinding and card weaving are also fascinating.
Food Likes: Her Excellency enjoys exploring new foods, especially period foods. Vegetables of all kinds are welcome on her plate. Preserved things (pickled, smoked, dried, etc) are a favorite. Seafood and fish (without bones or head) is also a wonderful treat.
Food Dislikes: Melons other than watermelon, cake, & chicken legs are not favorites.
Drink: Water, diet Mt. Dew, tonic water (can include gin). Tea, Earl Grey, hot. Will happily taste mead. Loves a good beer, though not too hoppy. Her Excellency does not drink non-diet soda, sweet tea, or coffee.

Retainer Information

If you have a question about Their Excellencies Progress, or wish to be a Lady in Waiting or Guard, please contact Their Excellencies.

Largesse Donations

Largesse donations are gifts that are given to our Baron and Baroness so that they might give them out while traveling within the kingdom and beyond.
Where hand-made items are preferred contributions to the largesse, any items that are green and white are welcome. If you are interested in donating, please contact Their Excellencies’ Largesse Steward Lady Lady Annice Argent.

Scribal Needs

Their Excellencies want to show off the skills of the scribes in the Barony with scrolls at their courts and for projects throughout their tenure. If you are interested in contributing please contact their Clerk Signet, Lady Murin Dunn.

Contacting Their Excellencies

If you have a question or concern that you wish to speak with Their Excellencies personally about you can use the contact information listed below to reach them. Please, no calls after 10:00 PM. Both are easier to reach online than by phone as their jobs do not allow time for phone calls during the day.

Baron Simone

Baroness Murienne

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