Baron Marc and Baroness Alianor

Baron Marc and Baroness Alianor of Sacred Stone

Baron’s Preferences

Food: His Excellency likes a variety of foods and likes trying new things. Chocolate Is a favorite. No raw onions please.

Drink: Coffee, Iced Tea, Beer, Good Bourbon, Sweet Mead

Baroness’ Preferences

Allergies: Her excellency is allergic to cigarette smoke and asks that it be kept from her if possible. She is also allergic to fruits containing citric acid. This includes oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruit and strawberries.

Food: Her Excellency likes a variety of foods and likes trying new things. Chocolate Is a favorite.

Drink: Iced Tea, Water, Hard Cider, Sweet Mead

Retainer Information

If you have a question about Their Excellencies Progress, or wish to be a Lady in Waiting or Guard, please contact their Head Chamberlain, Mistress Murienne l’aloiere at or 336-848-3742.

Largesse Donations

Largesse donations are gifts that are given to our Baron and Baroness so that they might give them out while traveling within the kingdom and beyond.
Where hand-made items are preferred contributions to the largesse, any items that are green and white are welcome. If you are interested in donating, please
contact Their Excellencies’ Largesse Steward.

Contacting Their Excellencies

If you have a question or concern that you wish to speak with Their Excellencies personally about you can use the contact information listed below to reach them.

Baronness Alianor (Jean Wagner)
Phone: 336­549-6020
Email Address:

Baron Marc (Mark Greene)
Phone: 336-457-0235
Email Address:

Past Barons and Baronesses

  • Matsudaira Kentarou Toshiyori
    Sine ní Dheaghaidh

  • Axel of Taavisitia

  • Axel of Taavisitia
    Jeanmaire Ilaria Beatrice du Domremy

  • Marc d’Aubigny
    Alianor atte Red Swanne

  • Kisaiya Zingara

  • Duncan MacAdam
    Emer ny Reyly

  • Rachel de Johnstone

  • Bran Trefonnen
    Eliska Alexandrovna

  • Bran Trefonnen

  • Jason Michael of Andover
    Susan Douglas of Andover