• Seneschal

    Mesternö Bessenyei Rozsa
    (Rachel Rosado)

    Point of contact for legal and administrative matters for the Barony

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  • Deputy Seneschal

    Lord Otto von Schwyz
    (Tim White)

    Assistant to the Seneshal

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  • Chatelaine

    Lord Robert Shockley of Avonsford

    Provides an introduction for new or prospective members

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  • Chancellor of Youth

    Rebbah Thamira ha Sopheret

    Responsible for organizing younger children’s activities

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  • Herald

    Lord Kazuhiko

    Serves the heraldic needs of the Barony

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  • Baronial Marshal

    Mistress Lorelei Greenleafe
    (Lorelei Elkins)

    Oversees the administration of the Marshallate in the Barony

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  • Minister of the List

    Signora Niccolina the Wanderer

    Oversees the coordination of Martial activities for the Barony

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  • Minister of Arts and Science

    Lady Annice Argent
    (Jennifer Argent)

    Oversees activites related to the Arts and Sciences

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  • Exchequer

    Baroness Gwenllian Ferch Gwilim

    Responsible for the financial affairs of the Barony

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  • Quartermaster

    Lady Prudence the Curious

    This Deputy to the Exchequer oversees the physical inventory of the Barony

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  • Chronicler

    Lady Annora Hall
    (Kathy Murphy)

    Produces the Baronial Newsletter and records notes of Baronial meetings

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  • Webminister

    Lord Ihone (Ian) Munro

    Manages the Baronial Website

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