In a Phoenix Eye

December 9, 2017

This year has been a year of change for the Barony of the Sacred Stone. In a Phoenix Eye will be celebrating the CHANGE OF SEASONS, as Fall gives way to winter and the Georgian Calendar changes from 2017 to 2018. Join Sacred Stone for a day of Arts-friendly competitions, displays, and peer challenges.


Displays encouraged for those who do not like competitions. Please review the Peer Challenges as some of them are display only.

Change of Seasons
Find out more on the Change of Season Page.

Peer Challenges
Peers who are members of the Order of the Phoenix Eye and/or members of Sacred Stone may issue Peer Challenges.
Find out more about how to participate on the “How to Sponsor a Peer Challenge” Page.

The Peer Challenges which have been issued are as follows:

Persian Arts – Mistress Azza al Shirazi (Issued July 24)
Mistress Azza misses the talent and innovation from her Persian home. She pines for the marvelous illuminated manuscripts her father used to make of their beautiful country, the fine fabrics depicting brave warriors, the meticulous weavings, the delightful pottery, calligraphy, metalwork, glasswork, and stone carving. Won’t someone delight her with their Persian artistry? Works must be well documented arts or crafts from 800-1600 Persia. The prize is a piece of pottery Azza made herself, mimicking the Nishapur underglazed pottery from the years 900-1000.

Keeping the Harvest – Meisterin Freiherrin Gisela vom Kreuzbach (Issued August 15)
For the fruits of the land and those who bring them forth are precious to me and I rejoice in the bounty of the harvest, I hereby challenge those attending In A Phoenix Eye to bring forth some art or knowledge celebrating the harvest in any form. Whether it be literally preserved in the form of a
delectable dish or marvelous preserve; crafted into some useful or artistic item; artfully immortalized in a skillful rendering of the fields heavy laden with crops; wistfully remembered in winsome words; or practically prepared for in the form of tools to reap, thresh, or store. The boundaries are limited only by your own imagination. Celebrate the harvest with some level of solid documentation so that we will know the lands of the Phoenix will never know hunger. If the connection to the harvest might not be evident to me, please ensure I understand your intent and I do not overlook your work.
The Prize will be announced closer to the event, likely something procured on my journey to the wild Irish island.

Pentathlon Preparation – Haelfdige Annora Hall(Issued October 6)
Those who seek challenge will rise to this competition as a Phoenix rises from its ashes. Bring three (3) ready-to- judge entries and two (2) works in-progress to meet the challenge set forth in the Pentathlon Preparation Peer Challenge. Each entrant will receive a copy of the Pentathlon judging metric for their entries for reference and for preparation in the Kingdom competition at the A&S Festival in March. See below for the categories of the Kingdom Pentathlon rules. Those wishing to participate in the Pentathlon Preparation Peer Challenge should sign-up by clicking here so Haeldige Annora can arrange for proper coverage.
Kingdom Pentathlon Categories: Persona Pentathlon is a competition where each entrant submits five (5) items a single person would have owned or used. Your entry does NOT have to be YOUR persona. But the five items need to be for one persona. There are seven categories and three of your five items must be from three (3) different categories. The categories include suggested entries, but the categories are not limited to the list. Person Triathlon is for youth (17 and under) entrants who must have three different items related to one single persona.
Category 1: bookbinding, calligraphy, drawing, illumination, painting, papermaking, pigments & inks, sculpture
Category 2: beadwork, clothing accessories (including belts, pouches, and fans), clothing/costume (600-1100, 1101-1350, 1351-1450, 1451-1600, or non-European), hats, knitting, nailbinding, knotted work, lacemaking, needlework (counted thread or free form)
Category 3: ceramics, enameling, glass blowing, lamp working, lapidary, mosaic, pottery, stained glass
Category 4: basket weaving, brewing & vinting, cooking, dyeing, furniture making, herb craft, soap making, spinning, toys & games, weaving (full-sized fabrics or narrow bands)
Category 5: lyric composition, masks, music composition, performance (vocal, instrumental, poetry, storytelling), poetry, prose, dance performance and composition, martial arts performance, research paper
Category 6: armor, chain mail, blacksmithing, jewelry smithing, iron work, tool making, casting, leather work, wood carving and construction, making musical instruments
Category 7: heraldic display, horse barding, subtleties, and anything else that just doesn’t seem to fit into the other categories

Competition: Balkan Basket – Maistra Lidia de Ragusa (Issued October 19)
Throughout the Middle Ages, the Balkans connected West and East. As a crossroads, many cultures left their mark in the Balkans. Whether Roman/Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman, Hungarian, or something else, explain the connection your A&S project/display has to this region, either through your documentation or any other innovative way (try to talk my ear off), and meet my Balkan Basket challenge. All mediums welcome!

Let the Games Begin – Maistreas Aine O Grienan (Issued October 25)
I like to play games and would like to develop past the ones we see all the time. For this challenge, research a new game from period. Think any table top/board game (including dice, cards, etc.) played before 1600. If you are more scientist than artist in the A&S area, the game could simply be drawn on fabric or paper. Keep in mind when developing the instructions for the game, some games are playable by all ages and some are more difficult than young ones can grasp. Please make sure your playing instructions are separate from your documentation. Based on the number of entries in my challenge, I may categorize by effort, skill of creation, and research. The prize will either be a finished game made by me or materials to make a game of your own.

Madrasa Challenge – Mistress Kisaiya Zingara (Issued October 31)
The medieval Middle East treasured hospitality. They placed a high priority on feeding, aiding, and entertaining guests. For this challenge, make an item used to welcome a guest to your home or country based on your persona (if possible). This item should be period and documentation is greatly encouraged. Items can range from food and drink, to textiles, to songs and stories, etc. The range is wide open. Judging will be based on the standard A&S Competition Criteria: documentation, authenticity, creativity, and judge’s opinion.

Mistress Kisaiya’s Pelican Challenge – Mistress Kisaiya Zingara (Issued October 31)
Enter an item that has been made to
a) give to someone to help them fit in (garb, gear, kit);
b) give to someone to fill a gap (missing scroll or medallion);
b) donate to Baronial or Kingdom largess, newcomers, or the kids box; or
c) donate to charity.
The item does not necessarily need to be period but should at least be period-esque and useful. Judging will be based on usefulness, creativity, and neatness. No documentation is required but it is encouraged.

Fierce Beauty – Baroness Murienne l’aloiere (Issued November 1)
Atlantian warriors are fierce. I want to challenge the fighters to branch out and set their hand to creating beauty. We will have three categories: Adult Armored Fighters, Adult Rapier Fighters, and Youth Fighters. This is an open competition with no theme. All entrants are required to show a current fighter authorization card. Documentation is not required but will be scored. Please at least try to use E-Z Docs.

Youth Combat Scribal Challenge – Baroness Murienne l’aloiere (Issued November 1)
Calling all the youth! At In A Phoenix Eye you will be given a preprinted scroll blank and provided paints and brushes. Your task is to complete a scroll’s illumination that will be given at either Baronial or Kingdom level in the allotted 3 hours. A prize will be awarded to the top in each age group: Up to 8, 9-12, 13-17.

Performing Poetry – Mistress Rosalind Jehanne (Issued November 10)
Poetry should not be confined to the page. Set it free! Please perform a piece of poetry live – under five minutes. The standard Alantia rubric isn’t being used for this competition. Points will be given for originality, authentic or in an authentic style. A point for verbal documentation, and
one for theatricality.
Search your drawers and books at home,
Then dig out your favorite poem.
Stand on stage, your work declaim,
So you can win eternal fame!!

Winter is Y-Cumen In – Mistress Rosalind Jehanne (Issued November 10)
Winter is Y-Cumen In and that means two things: Holidays & Ymir! Bring your best Yule or Viking songs; let’s sing and make merry. No pressure, but I will bring gifts to encourage participation.

Non-Competition Activities

Throughout the day there will be a variety of activities to take part in while judging is going on.

Fiber Solar
If you are a knitter, spinner, weaver, etc. bring a project and enjoy the company of other fiber enthusiasts.

Bring your supplies and spend some time working on your scribal projects with fellow artists.

Artisans entering performances always need an audience, come out and support these ephemeral creations.

Site Information

In a Phoenix Eye will be held at the Star of Bethlehem Lutheran Church

1355 Jonestown Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27103

Service animals only. Alcohol allowed for competition use only.

Site Fees

Sacred Stone is sponsoring the event with no entrance fee.


Event Schedule

9:30 Gate Opens
9:45 A&S and Judging Coordinator sign-in starts
10:00 Mail Hall available for artisans to setup
11:00-11:30 Judging of food items occurs
11:30-1:30 Lunch
1:00 Gate Closes
1:30 Main Judging starts (Main Hall)
Performances Start (Sanctuary)
Scriptorium Opens
Fiber Solar Opens
4:00 Tallying of judging results
4:30 Breakdown of Main Hall starts
5:00-6:00 Court / Competition /Challenge results (sanctuary)
6:00 Site closes


Event Staff

Event Steward, Reservations
Lady Prudence the Curious

Judging Coordinator
Lady Annora Hall

Lady Catherine Ambrose

A&S Sign-In Coordinator
Lisa Weekly

Site Steward
Lady Aine O Grienan

Order Principal of Phoenix Eye
Mistress Murienne