The Members of Sacred Stone

Maitresse Alianor atte Red Swanne, Baroness of Sacred Stone

Hello, and merry met! I am Maitresse Alianor atte Red Swanne, Mistress of the Laurel and Landed Baroness of the Barony of the Sacred Stone. We bid you welcome to these lands, and let us be the first to say to you “Welcome Home”.

Sir Marc and I became Baron of Baroness of the Sacred Stone, first go around, in 2006. We stepped down in 2009 and then were chosen again in 2014. The position of Coronet of any Barony is a great deal of work, and one of the most rewarding positions one can hold in the Society. It is a joy to encourage and reward the good gentles of our Barony for their hard work and dedication.

In the outside world, I am known as Jean Wagner. I am the mother of four fantastic children (aged from 33 to 19). My two younger children were raised in the society, and I have always been grateful for the family we have found here. My youngest daughter, Lady Elizabeth Taylor atte Red Swanne, participates still. I also have 3 beautiful grandchildren whom I adore.

I have been a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) since 1998. I started out in The Barony of Windmasters’ Hill, then moved to The Barony of the Sacred Stone, to be with my lord, Marc d’Aubigny in 2003. I became a Mistress of the Laurel in 2005, for my work and research in the area of Medieval Stained Glass, an art that I love and a medium I have been working with since 1989. I also enjoy many other of the arts and sciences, including period clothing creation, glass bead making, some other fiber arts and any other dozen or so things that may catch my interest. My greatest love, however, is research. One of the great things about the SCA is if it was created in the scope of our study (anything from generally the Roman era (or a little further back) to the Elizabethan era), there is someone who knows something about it and is happy to share their knowledge with you.

While I love the creative side the Society has to offer, my greatest joy has been serving the Barony and the Kingdom of Atlantia in any way I possibly can. I also greatly enjoy many things in the fighting/martial world as well. In 2013, I authorized as a Siege Engineer, then in 2014, I authorized in both Rapier Combat and Combat Archery.

The one thing I try to make sure that everyone understands is that one of the best things about the SCA is that there is always lots to do. Give yourself the time to try as many of them as you are able. Never rule out one option, because of another. As long as you have the time and think it looks like you would enjoy it, give it a try. The only thing you may lose out on by focusing on one area, are missed opportunities for fun and the prospect of meeting people that you wouldn’t have had the chance to cross paths with otherwise.

If you have any questions, would like information on any number of things (If I don’t know it, I’m sure I know someone who does), would like to try your hand at anything I can do, please just drop me a line and I will help you however I am able. Say hello at the next event. Let me know if you are in Greensboro during one of our practice days, or Thursday when the hangout at Geeksboro is, and I’ll be sure to stop by..

Again, welcome to the Society and The Barony of the Sacred Stone. We are happy to have you join our family.