Arts & Sciences Competitions

The dangers of medieval life are embodied in the monsters and mythical beasts of our various cultures. To overcome one’s fears we must face them. At Sacred Stone Baronial Birthday, we invited you to prepare a representation of a monsters of mythical beast in a media of your choice. The Kingdom judging criteria ( will be used to evaluate each entry on its own merit with the highest overall score receiving a prize worth of slaying said beast.

In addition to this open competition, the order of the Phoenix Eye invite arts and scientists on the best use of eyes. They will also be armed with eyes to gift to those who catch their eye with their art, science, or overall coolness.

The Baronial Cooks Guild welcomes all cooks to bring a dish of “beast” for the kitchen staff to judge : ).

Last, but not least - sponsored port-a-castles may be decorated as beastly lairs for a Salesberie Glen specialty surprise!

Youth are welcome in each competition group. We will use the Kingdom youth criteria. If Bardic is entered, we may ask you to share your entry or permit it to be shared by a member of staff during feast.


PS: books by Eoin Colfer: Artemis Fowl