Old Policy

1. The Barony

1.1. For the purposes of these policies, the Barony of the Sacred Stone shall be defined by, but is not limited to, all those geographical regions specified by Corpora and Atlantian Law.

2. The Policies

2.1. The Barony of the Sacred Stone, as defined by Corpora, has written the following set of Baronial policies which were approved by the Populace at the 12th of November, 2016 Business Meeting.

2.1.1. In all cases, these Baronial policies shall be consistent with Corpora and Atlantian Law. If such conditions should arise where there may be conflict, those documents shall always supersede these policies. This set of policies shall be amended from time to time to conform to both Corpora and Atlantian Law.

2.2. The Baronial policies can be amended or altered by the Barony of the Sacred Stone at any time, provided:

2.2.1. All proposed changes to the Baronial policies shall be published in the Baronial Newsletter at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting in which they will be discussed and/or voted upon.

2.2.2. No changes shall be made or acted upon without approval at a Baronial meeting.

2.2.3. Approved changes shall not be effective until such time as they are published in the Baronial Newsletter.

3. The Baronial Coronet

3.1. The Baronial Coronet shall be defined as the individual(s) appointed by the Crown of Atlantia.

3.2. The Baronial Coronets’ term shall be in compliance with Atlantian Law.

3.3. The appointment of a new Baronial Coronet shall be conducted in accordance with Atlantian Law.

4. Baronial Meeting

4.1. A Baronial meeting is any assemblage of the populace which is called by the Baronial Coronet in order to receive advice on the administration and governance of the Barony or for the populace to vote on such issues as are required by policies.

4.2. The meeting agenda and the actual running of said meeting is the responsibility of the Baronial Seneschal.

4.3. The date, time, and place for the Baronial meeting shall be published in the Baronial Newsletter and posted on the Baronial e-list at least fourteen (14) days prior to its commencement.

4.4. A tentative agenda should be published via the Baronial e-list seven (7) days prior to the scheduled meeting.

4.5. Between scheduled Baronial meetings, emergency meetings of the Baronial Financial Committee may act in the Barony’s best interests. Such actions will be reported at the next regularly scheduled Baronial meeting. The Baronial Financial Committee is defined in the Baronial Financial Policy.

4.6. When a vote is required, members of the Barony are defined as paid SCA members who reside or participate with in the geographical boundaries of the Barony. All votes conducted shall be simple majority.

5. Baronial Officers

5.1. Duties of the offices of the Barony of the Sacred Stone are specified in Corpora, Kingdom Law, Baronial Financial Policy and this document. Baronial offices may consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Seneschal (required by Corpora)
  • Exchequer (required by Corpora)
  • Herald (required by Corpora)
  • Chronicler (required by Corpora)
    Additional Duties: The Baronial Chronicler shall be responsible for taking the minutes at Baronial meetings or designate an acceptable deputy and publish the minutes in the Baronial newsletter.
  • Knight Marshal
  • Minister of Arts and Sciences
  • Minister of the Lists
  • Chancellor of Youth
  • Chatelain(e)
  • Webminister
    Additional Duties: Shall publish the Baronial Newsletter to the Baronial website no later than the 1st of each month and/or within five (5) days of receipt of the same from the Baronial Chronicler.

5.2. Each Baronial officer shall report on the state of their office at each Baronial meeting. Each Baronial officer is required to attend at least one Baronial meeting per quarter, or provide a proxy and report to the Baronial Seneschal and Coronet forty-eight (48) hours prior to the Baronial meeting. Noncompliance with this policy will result in a recommendation for removal being forwarded to the appropriate Kingdom officer.

5.3. All papers (including official correspondence) and regalia belonging to any office are the property of that office and must be transferred in their entirety to any new Baronial officer within thirty (30) days of any change of office.

5.4. Appointment of Baronial officers.

5.4.1. The opening of a Baronial Office shall be made public by an announcement in two (2) of the following three (3) manners: Baronial Business meeting, written announcement in the Baronial newsletter and the Baronial elist.

5.4.2. Announcements shall include a deadline of no less than fourteen (14) days from the date the opening is announced in all required venues.

5.4.3. Interested candidates shall respond in writing to the corresponding Baronial officer, Baronial Seneschal, and Baronial Coronet.

5.4.4. At the deadline, the list of candidates shall be published on the Baronial e-list and website, inviting written commentary from the populace to the Baronial Seneschal and the Baronial Coronet.

5.4.5. The Baronial Seneschal and the Baronial Coronet will review the commentary and together select the candidate and recommend such to the Kingdom officer for warranting.

5.4.6. At such time as the warranting Kingdom officer allows, the new Baronial officer shall be publicly announced via the newsletter and website.

5.4.7. Due to the length of the event, no officer changes shall be made during the duration of the Pennsic War.

5.5. Baronial officers may select whatever deputies they require for the duration of their office.

5.6. Baronial Officer Term Limits shall be in accordance with Kingdom Law and Policy.

5.7. Any office not required to maintain Baronial status may go vacant.

6. Baronial Events

6.1. Any SCA, Inc. approved entity may sponsor Baronial events in accordance with Baronial Financial Policy.

7. Waiving General Baronial Policy

7.1. Any part of this policy may be waived under special or extreme circumstances by approval of the Coronet, Baronial Seneschal, and a third baronial officer with a full accounting to be given at the next regularly scheduled Baronial meeting.

7.2. Any part of this policy may be waived by approval by 2/3 of voting members present at a Baronial meeting.

Baronial Financial Policy

This document shall be accepted by a majority vote of the populace of the Barony and replace all previous financial policies and may be amended or replaced by a majority vote of the Barony.

This document is superseded by: Federal Law, State Law, Corpora, Society Exchequer Policy, Kingdom Law, Kingdom Financial Policy, and/or Kingdom Exchequer Policy.

1. Sacred Stone Financial Policy Procedures

1.1 Sacred Stone Financial Policy is superseded by: Kingdom Exchequer Policy, Kingdom Financial Policy, Kingdom Law, Society Exchequer Policy, Corpora, State, and Federal Law.

1.2 Sacred Stone Financial Policy was accepted by an absolute majority vote of the Baronial Financial Committee at the 12th of November, 2016 Baronial Business meeting and replaces all previous financial policies.

1.3 Signatories on the checking account must consist of those officers mandated by SCA, Inc. and Kingdom Policy and Law and at least two additional signatories.

1.4 The Financial Policy shall be reviewed each year by the Emergency Financial Committee prior to Baronial Birthday.

2. The Chancellor of the Exchequer

2.1. The Exchequer shall:

2.1.1. Maintain a checking account with appropriate signature cards for the Barony entitled SCA Inc., Barony of the Sacred Stone.

2.1.2. File all annual (Domesday), quarterly, and event reports for events sponsored by the Barony with the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer (or a duly appointed Regional Kingdom Deputy) as required by Society and Kingdom law and policy.

2.1.3. Enforce and maintain the Baronial financial policy.

2.1.4. Serve as chairperson of the Baronial Financial Committee and hold primary responsibility for coordinating with other members of the Financial Committee and communicating the committee’s actions to the populace.

2.2. The Exchequer shall, upon request, provide access to the Baronial financial reports and books to any member of the Barony and shall publish to the Barony the annual Domesday balance sheet.

2.2.1. The Exchequer shall provide access in person to above documents at their earliest convenience within thirty (30) days of the request being received.

2.3. The Exchequer shall pursue any nonsufficient funds (NSF) checks received by the Barony according to the policy outlined in the Society Exchequer’s Handbook and in the Barony of the Sacred Stone’s check return policies as outlined below.

3. Financial Committee

3.1. The financial committee consists of the Exchequer, officers and paid members in attendance at an official Baronial meeting.

3.2. All populace votes to approve or disallow expenditures shall be at a regular business meeting and be by simple majority.

3.3. Members of the voting populace, with respect to their eligibility to vote in Baronial financial matters, are defined by Baronial Policy 4.6.

3.4. For purposes of determining eligibility for voting in financial matters, members must present proof of current membership upon request.

3.5. Each member must recuse themselves from voting on any financial decisions in which there is a conflict of interest or appearance of impropriety.

4. Emergency Financial Committee

4.1. The Emergency Financial Committee shall consist of the Exchequer, the Seneschal, and the Coronet (counting as a single vote). In the case of a split decision, any other Baronial officer as determined by agreement of Exchequer, Seneschal and Coronet will be chosen to provide an additional vote. Each member of the Emergency Financial Committee must be a paid member of The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., be at least 18 years of age, and possess a valid warrant for their office.

4.2. Members of the Emergency Financial Committee shall have one vote and may recuse themselves from voting on any financial decisions in which there is a conflict of interest or appearance of impropriety.

4.3. The Emergency Financial Committee may meet at any time any member of the Committee deems it necessary in person, over the telephone, or by electronic means to conduct business.

4.3.1. Any actions taken will be reported to the populace no later than the next business meeting.

4.3.2. Decisions of the Emergency Financial Committee must be recorded by emails from each participating member showing agreement or a document signed by each participating member in either case, the record shall be maintained in the Exchequer files.

4.4. The Emergency Financial Committee shall review all proposed expenditures and may authorize any expenditure (excluding approved event bids) by majority vote up to $250 or 10% of the Barony’s unallocated funds, whichever is less.

5. Events

5.1. No Baronial event held in the Barony of the Sacred Stone shall be sponsored without the prior approval of the Coronet, and the Baronial Seneschal.

5.2. Branches or persons wishing to autocrat a Baronial event shall submit a bid to the Coronet and Seneschal, using the Baronial event bid form, at least nine months prior to the date of the event, with the exception of War of the Wings.

5.2.1. Bids for War of the Wings are due by June 1 of the previous year. A preliminary event budget must be submitted with the bid.

5.2.2. The Barony will not enter into contractual obligations pertaining to the next year’s War of the Wings, with the exception of the site contract, until its itemized budget has been approved by the Financial Committee and the books for the prior War of the Wings have been closed.

5.3. Deadlines for any event bid will be announced at a Baronial Business meeting and in the Baronial newsletter at least 30 days prior to the deadline.

5.4. All bids received will be published on the Baronial website within two (2) weeks of the deadline for review by the Populace. An announcement will be posted to the Baronial e-list that the bids are available on-line. The Populace will then be invited to provide commentary regarding the bids to the Coronet and Seneschal.

5.5. The Coronet and the Seneschal will choose a bid after reviewing the provided commentary and the accepted bid will be published in the Baronial newsletter within two months following the deadline.

5.5.1. The bid for War of the Wings that is chosen will be announced in the September Baronial newsletter following the bid deadline.

5.6. An itemized event budget must be submitted to the Coronet, Seneschal, and Exchequer within one (1) month (with the exception of War of the Wings) of the bid being accepted and announced in the Baronial newsletter. Once approved it will be submitted to the Baronial Financial Committee for final approval at the next Baronial meeting

  • 5.6.1. Either the Financial Committee or the Emergency Financial Committee must vote to authorize any itemized expenditure in excess of the approved amount.
  • 5.6.2. An itemized budget for War of the Wings must be submitted to the Financial Committee no later than January 1 for the upcoming year.
  • 5.6.3. Budgets shall be submitted using the Kingdom Event Budget form.
  • 5.6.4. The budget is expected to be followed by the Autocrat and event staff. If the event as a whole will be in budget, overages of any line item of the budget may be approved or rejected by the autocrat. If the event is over budget, then these items must be brought to the Baronial Financial Committee (or Emergency Financial Committee) for approval. UNAPPROVED EXPENSES IN EXCESS OF THE EVENT ALLOCATION WILL NOT BE AUTOMATICALLY APPROVED.

5.7. Complimentary Event Fees

5.7.1. Atlantian Royalty, Atlantian Heirs, and Sacred Stone Coronet(s) shall automatically receive complimentary admission to Baronial events and seats at feasts at Baronial Events. Other persons may be given complimentary admission and/or feast if authorized as part of the Event Bid.

5.7.2. The number of guests at high table should be determined and set in advance. All seats at high table are complimentary.

5.8. Event Refunds shall be provided as follows:

5.8.1. The Exchequer must receive refund requests in writing no later than seven (7) days after the event ends, with the exception of War of the Wings. Exceptions may be made by authorization of the Exchequer in consultation with the Autocrat and the Seneschal. Refund requests for War of the Wings must be received in writing prior to the close of land registration.

5.8.2. No refund shall be issued until the event books have been closed and all reservation checks have cleared.

5.8.3. No refund(s) will be issued until all financial obligations of the event have been fulfilled and only if it is ensured that the requested refund(s) will not hinder the event’s ability to fulfill those financial obligations. No refund(s) will be given to those who have checked in with gate.

5.8.4. Feast reservations are not refundable.

5.8.5. All approved refunds will be issued minus any PayPal fees assessed.

5.9. Any SCA, Inc. approved entity that sponsors a Baronial event will receive 50 percent of the profits from the event. The balance of the profits shall be turned over to the Baronial treasury for the General Fund per Kingdom policy.

5.10. Autocrats of Baronial events are responsible for filing financial reports

5.10.1. A summary of the Event Financial Report shall be presented to the populace at the first regular Baronial business meeting after the event books have been closed.

5.11. Baronial Equipment: The Autocrat is responsible for requesting the use of the Baronial equipment from the Baronial Exchequer or designee (e.g., Quartermaster), arranging for the pickup and return of the equipment to the appropriate Baronial storage location in an orderly fashion, any necessary cleaning of the equipment after use, and notifying the office of the Baronial Exchequer of any damage or loss to the Equipment.

5.12. Receipts: The event staff must turn in event-related receipts and requests for reimbursement no later than fifteen (15) days after the event closes.

6 . Accounting Structure

6.1. General Fund (Unallocated funds)

6.1.1. The general fund is comprised of monies collected by the Barony to support the functions of the Barony. Unless otherwise specified, all monies collected shall be included in the general (unallocated) funds.

6.2. Temporary Allocated Funds

6.2.1. Temporary Allocated Funds shall be established for use as short term obligations occur. These funds shall not exceed one calendar year or the designated period of use, whichever is longer. Funding for temporary funds shall be specified upon establishment of the fund. Any funds remaining after the expiration of the time limit will revert to the general (unallocated) fund.

6.3. Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) checks

6.3.1. The Baronial Exchequer shall contact the Baronial Seneschal as soon as possible after the Exchequer is notified of a NSF check.

6.3.2. The Exchequer will make a good faith attempt to contact the party with the NSF check either by phone, letter, or by any other means necessary to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Matters of NSF funds must be resolved by payment with cash, a certified check, or a money order to the Barony.

6.3.3. After an unsuccessful attempt to resolve the NSF matter, the Exchequer will provide a list of parties who have NSF checks, so that the Baronial Seneschal may know who is barred from Baronial level events.

6.3.4. Individuals whose checks have been uncollectable will owe not only the face value of that check, but at the discretion of the Exchequer, any associated bank or postage fees.

6.4. Cash Advances

6.4.1. Additional advances for a different event will not be made to the same individual or anyone in that individual’s residence, if the original event has passed and the original advance(s) has not been resolved.

7. Officer Budgets

7.1. The offices listed below have annual budgets of the following:

  • Seneschal $100
  • Exchequer $100
  • All other Baronial offices $50

8. Waiving Baronial Financial Policy

8.1. Any part of this policy may be waived under special or extreme circumstances by approval of the Emergency Financial Committee with a full accounting to be given at the next regularly scheduled Baronial meeting.

8.2. Any part of this policy may be waived by approval of the Barony by 2/3 of voting members present at a Baronial meeting by the voting populace as defined by Baronial Policy 4.6.