Virtual Runestone


May 8th – Virtual Runestone

This is going to be a day of social learning, roundtables, panels, and interactive solars. We have a line-up of sessions planned but there is always room for more! Check out the list and if you have an interest you don’t see covered tell us! If you want to host a session, tell us!

Planned Sessions
(Links will be added as available)


  • String Thing Fiber Solar: Lady Agent will host a fiber solar where those with a love of fiber arts can compare notes, get tips, discuss historic practices, and socialize with other fiber fanatics.
  • Garden Gnomes Ag Gathering: Mistress Gisela will host a room for folk that are interested in agriculture in period. Farming techniques, what was grown and why, animal husbandry, etc.
  • Scribal Solar: Lady Fyen is hosting this room for the calligraphers and illuminators to share current projects, get advice on materials or techniques, and talk all things C&I.
  • Bardic Booster Club: THL Ciaran will host this room along with other musicians/bards. It will be a place for those interested in music in the SCA. Need resources for beloved SCA songs? Want to learn an instrument played before 1600? Want to know more about period music? This is the place to start!
  • Meet the Peers: This is a series of 5 sessions featuring Knights, Laurels, Pelicans, MoDs, and Roses. Each session will have two peers that will be available to answer questions, tell stories, and give insight into their order.
  • Cook-a-Long: Patronne Murienne & a second cook tbd will host a morning and an afternoon session. Ingredients and equipment list will be provided ahead of the event and those joining the room will get to be in the kitchen with their host making a period dish.
  • Virtual Brew Day: Join in on a virtual brew day. The SCA will be opening back up this summer and we need to prepare! Get out your equipment and make a batch of something lovely while socializing and trading tips with fellow brewers.
  • Heralds Consult Room: Virtual consult table for names and devices. Bring your ideas and get advice and conflict checking to help smooth out the process of getting your name and heraldry.
  • Stories, Sonnets, and Stage Performers Roundtable: This is a room for story tellers, poets, and actors to discuss new and exciting ways to incorporate these arts into the SCA.
  • New SCAdian Hangout Room: Lord Gawain will host a room for new SCA people to ask questions, find resources, and socialize.
  • Armored Meet and Greet: Come meet and hang out with the Sacred Stone Warlord and Champion,  Lord Cyriac Grymsdale, and Champion Master Achbar ibn Ali, as they host a room for anyone interested in armored combat, whether they are authorized or brand new!  Topics will range from kit improvements made over the winter to what armored fighting may look like for the rest of the year.