Welcome to Sacred Stone! I am happy that you are interested in attending our Baronial Birthday event. Here is a little info to help you get organized and make a plan for the event.

  1. Check the website and the Facebook event page frequently. The website and Facebook event will be constantly updated as it gets closer to the event. There will be announcements about activities and scheduling. Check back now and then to make sure that you have a good idea of what is planned.
  2. Check the weather! North Carolina weather changes constantly. It could be hot or it could be cold. Since this is a camping event, please prepare for both!

If you have not been to an SCA Event before, you might have some serious questions. Here are some FAQs for you to help clarify what is happening.

What is the SCA?

Please go to the newcomers page on the Barony website. It has info to help you understand what this group is and what we do!

What is Sacred Stone?

The Barony of the Sacred Stone is part of the SCA. A Barony is a regional group overseen by a Seneschal (President) and the Baronage (Baron & Baroness). Sacred Stone is made of 5 Cantons (smaller regional groups): Aire Faucon, Charlesbury Crossing, Crois Brigte, Middlegate, and Salisberie Glen.

How does a group have a birthday?

The SCA must approve the formation of a group, so Sacred Stone officially became a Barony in 1982. Every year we like to celebrate the fact we are still here and still enjoying the SCA.

I do not have medieval garb. What do I wear?

We have items that can be loaned while you attend the event. We will ask for your phone number and email address when we lend these to you, just so we can keep track of who has what. If you will need garb, please contact Mistress Kisaiya (kisaiya at gmail . com). She will help you.

What the heck do I bring?

We have created a basic packing list. Please look under the information tab to see the document.

What will I do while I am at the event?

We are working on a full schedule of activities for the event. There will be martial activities; arts and science classes, competitions, and performances; and everything in between. We will even have some newcomer activities to help you get involved.

Please note that certain activities require training, so you will not be able to jump into armor and win the battle just yet, but there will be plenty of activities that you can participate in, never fear.  Take a look at the event schedule and you will get an idea of what is happening.

Do I have to have a membership to get in?

The SCA encourages folks to buy a membership, as it helps the Society. However, you can participate in an event without a membership.

Do I need a medieval name?

SCA Members do ultimately develop a name and backstory but you do not need to worry about that yet. We encourage people to learn a little about the SCA and figure out what interests them before creating a full persona. You can use your regular name at the beginning.

Hopefully this helps you begin to get your bearings. The Barony has a newcomer section on their website that has additional information. You can also check out the Kingdom of Atlantia website (https://www.atlantia.sca.org/offices/chatelain/welcome-to-the-sca) and the web site for the Society (http://welcome.sca.org/) for additional assistance.

You can also contact Mistress Kisaiya Zingara, our chatelain (newcomer assistance) if you have specific questions.

We welcome you to our game and our home! Have fun!


~Kisaiya Zingara