Baronial Officers

Baronial Officers


Haelfdige Annora Hall (Kathy Alma)
Point of contact for legal and administrative matters for the Barony


Lord Gawain De Barri
Provides an introduction for new or prospective members


Domnall Locard
Serves the heraldic needs of the Barony

Deputy Herald

Serves the heraldic needs of the Barony

Baronial Marshal

Dyggvi inn hvassi (Clint Walker)
Oversees the administration of the Marshallate in the Barony

Deputy Marshal – Rapier

Lady Feodosiia Alekseeva zhena
Oversees the administration of rapier

Deputy Marshal – Archery

Lord Robyn A’Dearg
Oversees the administration of archery

Deputy Marshal – Thrown Weapons

Baroness Nuala ingen Magnusa
Oversees the administration of thrown weapons

Minister of the List

Signora Niccolina the Wanderer (Nicki Mann)
Oversees the coordination of Martial activities for the Barony

Minister of Arts and Science

Mistress Hrefna in rauda Thorgrimsdottir
Oversees activites related to the Arts and Sciences


Lord Fedor Turovsyn
Responsible for the financial affairs of the Barony


Lord Giovanni deMoncellis
This Deputy to the Exchequer oversees the physical inventory of the Barony


Talorgen Hersir nepos Wrguist (Randy Dees)
Produces the Baronial Newsletter and records notes of Baronial meetings

Youth Officer

Lady Thamira haSopheret
Assists with youth activities


Lady Ailis inghean Uí Riagán
Manages the Baronial Website