Scribal Arts

Sacred Stone Scribes

Their Excellencies are in constant need of assistance with the creation of scrolls and scroll blanks in order to recognize their populace. If you would like to create a scroll that
Their Excellencies are able to present to their populace for merit within the lands of Sacred Stone, please refer to the line art and suggested text below.

It is suggested that in the process of creating a scroll a heavyweight card stock or covre stock be used. It is also recommended that at least a 1″ margin be left to accomodate matting and framing your work.
This helps to keep your beautiful painting from sticking to the glass surface of the frame.

Scribal Line Art & Sample Scroll Text

There are several examples of scroll texts available, but none are required. If you wish to create your own scroll text, you certainly may but be sure to follow published Atlantian Standards.
Clicking a style guide link from the list below will open a pdf with sample line art and scroll text in a new window

Order of the Sacred Stone
Baronial Service Order

Line Art | Sample Text


Order of the Phoenix Eye
Baronial A&S Order

Line Art | Sample Text


Order of the Phoenix Claw
Baronial Combat Order

Line Art | Sample Text


Order of the Phoenix Heart
Baronial Courtesy/Chivalry Order

Line Art | Sample Text


Order of the Yeoman of the Sacred Stone
Baronial Archery Order

Line Art | Sample Text


Award of the Phoenix’s Emerald
Given to a person who is highly and uniquely
valuable to the Barony.

Sample Text
Award of the Phoenix’s Pyrite
Given to individuals for service to the
Barony above and beyond any sane reckoning.

Sample Text
Award of Courtesy
For outstanding courtesy to the
Barony and its populace

Sample Text

Scribal Backlog

Many recipients of awards in Sacred Stone have not been able to receive a wonderful piece of art of their own just yet. If you would be interested in contributing to the Baronial backlog, please click here.

Lady E’s Line Art

Baroness Eleanor (better known as Lady E) is a long time enabler of the scribal arts. She continues to graciously share her line art with us. To view some of her shared work, please click a link below.

Lord Geffrei’s Period Pigments

Additional Resources