Sample Scroll Text Award of the Phoenix’s Emerald

Sample Scroll Text
Award of the Phoenix’s Emerald



Pay heed and bear witness to Our words set forth herein, the We, the Baron and Baroness of the Barony of the Sacred Stone do proclaim thus;

For thousands of years the emerald has been sought after, highly valued and proudly displayed by rulers of lands across the world. The presence of an emerald was believed to bring harmony and hope to those ruled, and by stimulating cooperation and understanding, rulers thought the emerald imbued them with clarity and vision to bring growth and renewal to all their people.

It is this same value that we feel toward (recipient) for their irreplaceable and profound contributions to the improvement of these beloved lands. We therefore bestow upon (recipient) the Award of the Phoenix’s Emerald, that all may recognize their high level of worth to our Barony of the Sacred Stone.

Done by our hands this day at (event name) on the (date) day of (month), AS (L) (Being (2015) in the common era)

Scribal Backlog

Many recipients of awards in Sacred Stone have not been able to receive a wonderful piece of art of their own just yet. If you would be interested in contributing to the Baronial backlog, please click here.

Lady E’s Line Art

Baroness Eleanor (better known as Lady E) is a long time enabler of the scribal arts. She continues to graciously share her line art with us. To view some of her shared work, please click a link below.

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