Baronial Coronets

Baron Alain ap Daffyd & Baroness Azza al Shirazi

Their Excellencies of the Barony of the Sacred Stone

Baron Alain ap Daffyd

Pronounced Alain ap Daffyd (align op day-fid)

  • Persona: A traveling Welsh percussionist with the good sense to marry Azza.  Will play for beer.
  • SCA Interests: Brewing beer and mead and helping you do the same, playing bodhran and listening to bardic arts
  • Food Likes: I eat, therefore I am, unless you feed me cranberries.  Then I no longer am.
  • Food Allergies & Dislikes: Cranberries and okra
  • Drink: Black coffee, beer, mead, whisky, whatever you are having...

Baroness Azza al Shirazi

Pronounced Azza al Shirazi (ah-zah al shi-rah-zi)

  • Persona: 15th century Persian court musician and artist smitten by a handsome itinerant Welshman.
  • SCA Interests: Playing and listening to period music from Europe and the Middle East,  Jewish scribal arts, working troll, knitting at fiber salons, fingerloop braiding
  • Food Likes: All vegetables are wonderful 
  • Allergies & Dislikes: Melons, mackerel, mussels. I am allergic to most metals so please no metal jewelry.  I am allergic to most cats.
  • Drink: Coffee with cream, water, and hot tea are favorites, I do not drink alcohol except to sip a small sample of your creations.


We love to celebrate not only your victories and accomplishments, but also what you learned in defeat, challenges, and struggles. 

We wish to hear the playing of period music and music written by the player/singer in great abundance.  

Sing-a-longs and rounds are favorites. Sing in to battle and sing off the battlefield.  Sing before court starts and during feast.  Sing together.


“Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear. Just sing, sing a song.”

~Joe Raposo

Scribal Needs

Their Excellencies are proud of the talented scribes in the Barony and wish to spread the wealth of their artistry throughout the land.  Thus, hand-created scrolls of a traditional and/or non-traditional nature are most welcome to us.  If you are interested in contributing supplies, calligraphy, and/or illumination, please contact Baronial Clerk Signet, Lady Fyen (Few-en) van Amsterdam.  Want to contribute but need to know how to get started?  Lady Fyen can help with that too!  You can reach them at

Largesse Donations

Largesse donations are gifts that are given to the baronage so that They may share Our Barony's artistry while traveling within the kingdom and beyond.
While handmade items in any colors are preferred contributions to the largesse, any items that include green, white, or a double headed phoenix are welcome. If you are interested in donating, please contact Her Excellency’s Largesse Steward Lady Annice Argent at

Retainer Information

If you have a question about Her Excellency’s Progress, or wish to be a Lady in Waiting or Guard, please contact Patronne Murienne, Head Baronial Retainer, at

Contacting Their Excellencies

If you wish to speak with Their Excellencies personally, you may use the contact information listed below to reach Them.  They always prefer texts and Facebook Messenger over phone calls.  Their Excellencies cannot answer phone calls during Their day jobs.  Their phones are set to silent after 9:00 PM.

Baron Alain

Baroness Azza




Past Barons and Baronesses

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Axel of Taavisitia
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