Welcome to the virtual home of the Barony of the Sacred Stone, a local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, the international organization dedicated to recreating the Middle Ages. Sacred Stone, a barony in the Kingdom of Atlantia, is composed of cantons covering western North Carolina from Foothills and Northern mountains of North Carolina to the Great Pee Dee River (Polk, Rowan, Rutherford and Wilkes Counties).

The Barony meets on the third Sunday of every month to conduct business, spend time with our friends, and practice our various fighting arts. If you are new to the SCA, virtually every group has an officer to help guide and assist newcomers, called the Chatelain (or Gold Key). Please contact Sacred Stone’s Chatelaine for more information.

Please join our email discussion list here, for information on upcoming events, meet other members of the Barony, and to learn more about what we do.
SCA events typically feature tournaments, fencing, music and singing, feasting, courts, arts displays, activities for children — just about anything having to do with the Middle Ages that our members can think to do or recreate!